The Community of Readers for Beginning ASP.NET MVC 1.0

As most of you would have already know, Simone Chiaretta and I used to publish a new book for Wiley/Wrox entitled Beginning ASP.NET MVC 1.0 that so far has received a fantastic praise from the technical community.

In order to promote our work and stay connected to our readers, we’ve been trying to appear on some websites and social networks such as Twitter and Facebook.

Prior to the final publish date of the book, we created a Facebook fan page for the book, and some of our readers and community leaders have followed that page. We try to publish all the new stuff about the book as they come to us and share them with our dear readers, and also receive their comments, feedback, and reader photos on the page.

Besides, both Simone and I have been among the first and active group of tweeters on Twitter and from time to time point out some notes about the book and Microsoft ASP.NET MVC framework. You can follow @simonech and @keyvan to stay in touch. Don’t forget to follow @wrox account as well.

Our collaborations with the readers don’t end right here as we also appear frequently on Wrox P2P community that is soley dedicated to a peer-to-peer communication between readers and authors to collect feedback and improve the quality of the books published by Wrox. Like all other Wrox titles, Beginning ASP.NET MVC 1.0 has its own P2P forum and we’ve had some threads regarding the content of the book.

As you see, I also have created a new Wrox blog here on Wrox P2 community in order to publish all the news and materials regarding the books I’ve written for Wiley/Wrox and try to keep it updated on a regular basis.

I’m looking forward to seeing all my readers on these websites and social networks. I’d be more than happy to hear your feedback and comments on my works.



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