Ebookpie.com launches with Wrox Chapters and ebooks

Ebookpie.com launched today and as part of their announcement, they mention both Wrox ebooks and chapters. We’re happy to add ebookpie.com to the growing list of retail partners who sell our ebooks. And I’m especially happy to have them selling our ebooks by the chapter. They’ve picked up Wrox’s "Chapters on Demand" idea as part of their retail strategy and are selling many of our books by the chapter. Today at launch, it’s mostly some of our slightly older books (like Visual Studio 2008 era) but over the next few days and going forward, they’ll be adding books by the chapter for our new books as they publish. (I’ll update this with a list of the new books available by the chapter when they go live.)

Updated: ebookpie.com now has 10 new Wrox books available as "eChapters." These are recently published Wrox books that are available in their eChapters program but not our older Chapters on Demand, and currently ebookpie.com is the only retailer selling these by the chapter.

In addition to liking their books by the chapter program, I’m really happy that they are also selling the chapters as watermarked DRM-free PDFs, just as when we first started this 2 years ago. I think customers are also going to like having an ebook retailer who’s selling multiple ebook formats including PDFs, Microsoft Reader, and epub (of course depending on the publisher having made the books available in those formats).

Today, 1 day only, They’ve also got nice 40% grand opening discounts on one most recent books: Beginning iPhone SDK Programming with Objective-C. Updated: Apparently their opening day discount has been extended AND they’re offering a 25% discount on all other Wrox ebooks.

And Wiley has a press release about the ebookpie.com store too.




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  1. september Gray says:

    I am interested in selling my book chapter by chapter as I continue to write it. Is this possible?

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