Free C# Legacy Chapters

Last week when I posted the free preview samples from several Visual Studio and .NET 4 books I talked about several C# chapters that we’ll be providing free. These are chapters from Professional C# that we decided were "legacy" in this version. These chapters cover topics that no longer have enough new going on with VS 2010 and .NET 4 to merit keeping them in print, and taking them out of the printed book frees room for more coverage of newer topics.

PDFs of all of these chapters are posted now and ready for you for free. Consider it an early holiday gift from Wrox. In addition, they’re all now posted in HTML if you prefer reading in a web browser to PDF.




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  1. srikantan says:

    Please include some college mini project sample codes as for the client/server data transfer over tcp-ip in C#-this will be handy to understand and implement for those starting with "Hello World"

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