Microsoft Mix 2010 Day 1 Keynote – Windows Phone 7 Series Development with Silverlight and XNA

No big secrets here but lots of good news for developers this morning. Microsoft is demoing Windows Phone 7 Series development using Silverlight and XNA with developers having access to :

  • accelerometer – ScottGu’s funny little demo of this with a bobble head marionette Steve Ballmer looked like the accelerometer is very responsive
  • Microsoft Location Service – looks like this includes Bing Maps, in app
  • Microsoft Notification Service – the notification example in the MLS sample app had very nice obvious but unobtrusive notifications running without getting in the way of your running apps
  • Hardware video acceleration – including deep zoon, they showed this in the IdentityMine comic demo
  • IIS Smooth Streaming – including the ability to switch bitrates on the fly depending on your network connectivity
  • Multitouch
  • Camera and Microphone

On top of that, Microsoft is making a list of free developer tools available to get as many developers building applications for this as possible. These are all available now at :

  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Express for Windows Phone – we know this is a biggie as we’ve seen the great response to the free Express Editions of Visual Web Developer, Visual C#, and Visual Basic. This also seems like a great move when you take into account the developer expense for iPhone developers getting the tools for iPhone development from Apple.
  • Windows Phone 7 Series add-in for Visual Studio 2010
  • XNA Game Studio 4
  • A Windows Phone 7 Series Emulator

One non-developer feature that was very nice is the USB output to a projector or screen. Very nice for demos but I’m sure developers and end users will make a lot of use of this for other things as well.

And developers, Microsoft is also opening a store for you to sell your great applications in – The Windows Phone Marketplace. There is a subscription fee to actually post apps to the Marketplace, but that’s probably good and the right point to charge developers, once they’ve created the app and want to sell or monetize it.



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