Microsoft Mix10 Day 2 Keynote – Internet Explorer 9, HTML5, Hardware Acceleration, jQuery, and oData

HTML5 is still an early unfinished specification but Microsoft is pushing the boundaries in announcing coming feature support in Internet Explorer 9. Microsoft has announced that developers will be able to see IE9 code refreshes about every 8 weeks leading up to the beta release. The IE9 platform preview including samples is available now at

Some of the specific HTML5 specifications IE9 will implement are:

  • CSS3
  • SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics)
  • XHTML Parsing
  • audio and video tags with industry-standard codecs

Microsoft’s IE9 Chakra JavaScript engine compiles JavaScript in the background on a separate processor engine with no additional work required by the developer.

IE9 will use GPU-powered (graphics processor unit) hardware acceleration to give much faster video, graphics and animation in web pages. This is based on DirectX but it doesn’t require different HTML or markup. The HD encoded video sample they showed in the IE9 demo running 2 HD videos in IE9 side by side without any frame drops or chop was pretty incredible, espcially considering they were demoing it on a $400 netbook.

Not directly related to IE9, Scott Guthrie also announced additional Microsoft jQuery investments. They’re now providing actual code to the jQuery project in addition to providing jQuery in VS 2010 and providing tier 1 jQuery support.

On a completely different angle, Microsoft also announced a new open data standard called OData. Their marque example of data providers for this is movie data from Netflix. OData is Atom-based so most major browsers can consume it. And it will also be supported by SharePoint 2010 and PowerPivot for Excel 2010. In addition to OData client libraries for .NET, Microsoft is also providing libraries for iPhone (Objective C), JavaScript, PHP, Java, and Windows 7 Phone.



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