New DRM-Free ebook Bundle: 4 iPhone books for one value price

We’ve got another new ebook offering to share:

iPhone and Mac Wrox e-Book Bundle: Safari WebKit for iPhone OS 3.0, iPhone SDK Objective-C, Mac OS X Snow Leopard Programming, Professional Xcode 3

This is an ebook "bundle" a collection of 4 ebooks packaged into 1 PDF for one value price. We found that our bundles of print book titles were very popular. We know Wrox readers often buy many books on the same or related topics.

We’ve done several of those, packaging 4-5 books on .NET, ASP.NET, or other topics we have a large collection of books for together for a price that’s much lower than purchasing the books individually. However, they’re also hard on the environment (2000-4000 pages plus the cardboard box to package them), heavy to ship (often exceeding the weight for free shipping from some online retailers), and of course not searchable or portable like ebooks.

Given all the feedback we’ve been getting on ebook prices, we hope this is a natural step that you’ll appreciate – what we think is a great value. For this bundle, the US list price for the 4 books individually would have been around $175. We’re pricing the 4 together for a US list price of $99. And like all the Wrox ebooks we’re selling from, it’s DRM-free PDF with a unique customer watermark at the bottom of each page.

Updated: Amazon now has this available for Kindleand Sony has it available for Sony Reader.

Look for more of these bundles on Visual Studio 2010 and other core Wrox topics coming soon.



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  1. Andrew Mascord says:

    I hope the illustrations will be legible!

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