Todd Klindt, Shane Young, and Steve Caravajal SharePoint 2010 TechEd book signing

TechEd 2010 SharePoing book signing lineTuesday at TechEd, Todd Klindt, Shane Young, and Steve Caravajal were the big hit at lunch as they autographed dozens of copies of their new book Professional SharePoint 2010 Administration. The TechEd bookstore had already sold out of the book Tuesday morning, so the attendees who showed up early at the Idera booth were the lucky ones who got the books from Idera for the signing. The line was long and I spent most of the hour having to turn away the many more attendees who would have loved to get the book. This first picture shows the line forming a few minutes before the signing started.

In addition to their SharePoint tools, Idera has been producing a series of free SharePoint webcasts, with many of them featuring Todd Klindt as the presenter. Todd’s webcasts to date which are archived for on-demand viewing include:

  • New Tools for Monitoring and Logging in SharePoint 2010
  • All You Need To Know About Backup and Disaster Recovery
  • Secrets of SharePoint Part 6: The Enthusiastic DBA’s

And I expect we’ll see additional webcasts from Todd and possibly the other authors too.

Todd Klindt, Shane Young, Steve Caravajal with Jim Minatel after the Professional SharePoint 2010 Administration book signingIt was great of Idera to provide these copies for signing, especially since this was the first and only place to get these books this week once the store was sold out. The authors and Idera had some fun with this "first" by also providing these fantastic t-shirts to everyone who got a copy of the book. In this second picture, you’ll see from left to right: Shane Young, Steve Caravajal, Todd Klindt, and yours truly sporting the fine Idera shirt. (The back of the shirt clarifies this as "First to get a signed copy of Professional SharePoint 2010 Administration.") It was a lot of fun and great to meet and talk with so many SharePoint admins who follow these authors and their work. I hope everyone who got a copy at the Idera signing finds it immensely useful. I’ve already written about what a multi-year, multi-SharePoint version journey this book was, so it was great for me to see it in the hands of so many SharePoint admins who are now ready to put it to work. Thanks to all of you who showed your support for the authors by waiting in line for an hour to get the autographed copy and talk with them.

The book is shipping from Wrox now to all customers and stores so if you’ve preordered a copy online, expect it to be at the retailer and shipping to you soon and look for it on store shelves within a week or two.




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