Wrox on the Road – Wrox authors coming to a conference near you

As usual, when there’s a big list of conference announcements, there’s a big list of Wrox authors speaking at them. We’re lucky to get to work with such busy and active authors, here are a few of the highlights on the speaking schedule in 2010:

SharePoint Saturday NYC: July 31, NYC: Paul Galvin, Chris Geier, Paul Swider, Natalya Voskrensenskaya, Rob Windsor

VSLive! Redmond: August 2-5, Redmond, WA: Billy Hollis, Wally McClure, Steve Fox, Paul Stubbs, Ted Pattison, Robert Boedigheimer

DevLink: Aug 5-7 Nashville, TN: Wally McClure, Jeff McWherter, Mickey Gousset, Mitchel Sellers, Dan Rigsby, Robert Boedigheimer, Michael Neel, Ted Neward, Shay Friedman, Paul Kimmel

AppCon: Postponed Aug 24-26 Las Vegas:Read more about Wrox’s involvement in sponsoring and providing trainers for the "Hello World" portion of this conferenceUnfortunately, the organizers have had to postpone this event. When there is more news about a new schedule, we hope to let you know then.

VSLive Redmond at Microsoft HQ: Aug 2-6 Billy Hollis, Wally McClure, Robert Boedigheimer, Steve Fox, Paul Stubbs

SharePoint Best Practices Conference: Aug 24-27, Washington, D.C., Robert Bogue, Asif Rehmani, Paul Swider

SharePoint Technology Conference: Oct 20-22, Boston, MA: Steve Fox, Robert Bogue, Andrew Connell, Randy Drisgill, Scot Hillier, Todd Klindt, Rob Windsor, Paul Swider, Shane Young

DevConnections Las Vegas Nov 1-4: (SharePoint Connections, Visual Studio Connections, ASP.NET & Silverlight Connections, DotNetNuke Connections): Rob Bogue, Joe Brinkman, Cuong Q. Dang, Steve Fox, Scott Guthrie, Chris Hammond, Scot Hillier, Billy Hollis, David Kelly, Todd Klindt, Wally McClure, Mitchel Sellers, Will Strohl, Dan Wahlin, Shawn Walker, Scott Willhite, Shane Young

 OK, that’s enough. I’m sure I’ve missed some events with Wrox speakers and some Wrox authors at some of the listed events. Please enlighten me and I’ll share.



2 responses to “Wrox on the Road – Wrox authors coming to a conference near you”

  1. Brent Ozar says:

    We’re all over the place!
    I’m also doing PASS Europe on April 20-23 in Neuss, Germany, and then PASS London on April 26th.

  2. Lulu Kelly says:

    According to our information, Asif Rehmani and Andrew Connell (among others) will be speaking at Microsoft SharePoint Connections 2010 Conference on 28 & 29 September 2010 in The Hague (Den Haag), The Netherlands.

    Computercollectief, Amsterdam (Lulu Kelly), http://www.comcol.nl

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