Wrox Books on Safari and 30% Safari Discount

This is an exciting day and exciting news to share. Wiley and Safari have announced that Wrox books are now available in Safari Books Online. We know many of you use Safari already and many more of you may join now that Wrox books are available there too. We know this, because as our marketing director David says in the press release:

“We’re very excited to have Wrox books available to Safari Books Online subscribers.  We’ve been hearing requests from Wrox readers for this accessibility and we’re glad to be working with Safari Books Online to make both Wrox and Safari Books Online customers happy,” says David Mayhew, Associate Director of Marketing.

David mentions in the press release several of the Wrox books that are already in Safari as I write this. Over the next few weeks, the great Safari team will be working to make more than 300 Wrox books (including Wrox Blox) available. Which Wrox books? Almost every book we’ve published for the last 2-3 years is included, as well as many older books as long as the technology they cover is still in use. Going forward, Safari will be adding new Wrox books as they publish with the goal of having them available within 30 days of publication and hopefully faster in many cases.

We hope that those of you who are already Safari members will find the addition of Wrox books of great value and a reason to continue your subscriptions. And for those of you not already using Safari, our marketing team has a great deal for first time Safari subscribers: for a limited time (through March 30, 2011) join Safari using this link and get an introductory 10 day trial that flips to 30% off a monthly Safari Library subscription or standard Safari Bookshelf price (no discount) for the first 12 months—save up to $156!* Please of course read the full details when you check out the offer at

Update March 31, 2011: This special introductory offer is now over but please continue to watch http://blogs.wrox.com/author/jminatel for more offers in updates. Safari has now made more than 185 Wrox books available with more being added every week.

So, there’s the great news. Hope you are as excited as we are.



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