Wrox ebooks available for purchase on oreilly.com

I’m very happy to acknowledge what several authors and readers have noticed: Wrox ebooks are now available for purchase from oreilly.com. O’Reilly has built a tremendous retail web site over the years selling many other publisher’s books that programmers would look for including Manning, Pragmatic, as well as their own books. We’re happy that our readers can now buy our ebooks there as well.

O’Reilly’s shopping cart has the ability to sell multiple formats of the same ebook as part of one sale. For example, here you see that with our bestseller Beginning iOS4 Application Development, they’re providing both the ePub and Mobi. Over time, as they process all the files we’ve provided them, we think they’ll be selling PDF, epub, and Mobi of most new Wrox books published within the last 2 years as well as other new ones published going forward. This gives you the customer the option to read it on your favorite device whether that’s a Kindle, Nook, iPad, Sony Reader, PC, or any other device that supports these standard formats.

Getting Wrox books available for sale on the oreilly.com retail site was a ton of work behind the scenes by several dedicated Wiley people and a big thanks to them. We’re glad to see oreilly.com join the ranks of Amazon.com (and their many local sites around the world), barnesandnoble.com, the Apple iBooks store, Sony’s ebook reader store, ebookpie.com, ebooks.com, and many other retailers who sell Wrox ebooks.



6 responses to “Wrox ebooks available for purchase on oreilly.com”

  1. James Skemp says:

    This is really great news. I’ve purchased a number of physical copies of Wrox books over the years, and having almost completely moved to electronic books, am glad to see Wrox pick O’Reilly’s distribution method.

  2. Anonymous says:

    i need the book,thanks!

  3. Rene Rendon Jr says:

    I just bought the Test Driven Development with C# Real World three days ago from B&N because I had a Nook and wanted the epub version as opposed to the pdf but that has DRM and I would have really preferred O’Reilly because they will give you multiple verisions such as epub, mobi and pdf. I really wish I had know.

    Also I’d love if Wrox did what O’Reilly and Apress do in that if you buy the print book you can get the ebook version for $5 or $10. I really wanted the print version also but didn’t want to double dip.

    Still great to see you guys going with O’Reilly.

  4. Shonn says:

    I just purchased Beginning ASP.NET 4 in C# and VB from Barnes and Nobel in printed version. But it is so big and heavy! I just discovered the wrox site from reading the opening chapters. Now I would like to have this in electronic format, but I have already spent $44.99 plus tax for the printed one. I agree with Rene’s comment from July, there should be some offer to get the e-version cheaper if you already own the paper version. Is there a way? Thanks.

  5. Mark says:

    Wonderful news, but many Wrox titles are not available, and many others are old versions. I hoping to use this to upgrade my print books to eBooks, but I would end up with older editions, or just missing out …

  6. jminatel says:

    Mark: We’re working on filling in the gaps on the Wrox ebooks at oreilly.com. We used to use a 3rd party digital distributor and somehow all of our requested books didn’t make it to O’Reilly. Wiley now has an in-house system for this so we’re working with O’Reilly (and other ebook retailers) to be sure they get the ebooks from us.

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