Wrox DRM-free ebooks in PDF and ePub AND Mobi

I’m happy to tell you that we have begun rolling out Wrox DRM-free ebooks on Wrox.com in both PDF and ePub. And, now, as of January 2012, these include mobi files as well. And for books where we offer all 3 versions versions, you’ll automatically get the PDF and the ePUB AND mobi in your download. Initially, we have the following list of more than 50 recent and top-selling Wrox ebooks we’re offering the combination format download on. When you pay for the PDF on these, you’ll get the ePUB and mobi as well. The price for your ebook purchase is still the same lower than print for all ebooks on Wrox.com.

For now, the language on the important ebook information page that you see as part of the ebook purchase process will only reference the PDF. We will get that updated in the future to avoid confusion. But please trust and know that for the books on this list, you are getting PDF+ePUB+mobi regardless of what the boilerplate says.

Keep in mind, these are still for your individual use only. In providing a second and third format we want to make it easier for you to use these legally within the usage rights you agree to at purchase and applicable copyright laws. Finally, please note, our mobi files have a .prc extension. But they work the same on your device or app as a .mobi. In some cases, the EPub file may have a .Zip extension instead in which case renaming it as an .epub will make it work fine as an epub.



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  1. Jim Peak says:

    Hi!  First off, I really appreciate your efforts in moving into offering eBooks & printed books… I appreciate having the availability of both.  Each has some advantages, for me, for varying functions.
    I have a question that relates to your post.  I’m a bit puzzled by what books are available directly thru Wrox.com, which are available thru O’Reilly, and what the licensing/ sharing policy is like between the sites.   
    First, could you pls contact me individually (at the non-public email adr in this comment)?   I have a particular situation / case with which I’d like to ask your help / explanation.   But, I don’t want to busy the public airwaves with that one…
    However, I would suspect that, given my own experience, other readers may appreciate knowing answers to some of the same questions that my situation has posed.
    Thanks for the great books, and now for the "E"books, as well!

  2. jminatel says:

    Hi Jim. Your email address didn’t come through in the post but feel free to email me at jminatel@wiley.com.

    As far as the big picture on ebooks between O’Reilly and Wrox: O’Reilly is an ebook retailer for Wrox like many other retailers who sell our ebooks. We’re working on getting them all of our sellable ebooks in all the formats we have. We have sellable PDF for more than 300 books from the last 8 years. Epub and eMobi we have a lower count on, something just over 100 of each mostly from the last 2-3 years since we started those formats.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I want to learn Sharepoint.How do i start?

  4. Jack Vos says:

    I purchased the printed version of Professional WCF4.
    I would also like to purchase the ebook version of this book.

    However having to pay the full price for the ebook seems unfair.

    At the Oreilly website I can register my book and then upgrade the registered book for $4.99 to include the ebook version.

    At the APress website I can purchase the ebook for $10 once I have purchased the printed copy.

    Do you perhaps have a similar scheme?

  5. Anonymous says:

    I too would like to see a free or low cost upgrade for print book buyers. I have several O’Reilly programming tomes at home, and I paid the extra $4.99 for DRM-free eBook copies that I can carry around on a portable device. I certainly do not want to carry around 50 lbs worth of textbooks. Asking near full retail price for both print and eBook format will not work for me. I’ll just find a similar book with another publisher to meet my needs. I for one will make a decision about which print book I purchase based on cost and availability of accompanying electronic formats. Until Wrox offers something similar, in the meantime I will have to shop with O’Reilly, Manning, and others.

  6. Steve says:

    Agree w. Randy. O’Reilly offers e-format for $5 if you register your hardcopy book. APress charges $10 and verifies you have the book by content-query. These are GREAT since I can get e-versions of books I already own.

    I’d love to do the same for my Wrox books. I’ve found them to be the best on the market, but don’t want to spend another $35 apiece to get e-versions.

    Can you find some way to offer the $10 upgrade (that seems to be what you’re adding in for the bundle) for prior purchases? My guess is that you’ll see an incredible spike as people backfill their tablets with e-versions of what they already own!

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