Free Wrox Ebook Professional WPF with C# and .NET 4.5

We’re happy to provide you with this new free Wrox e-book “Professional WPF with C# and .NET 4.5.” This e-book contains more than 120 pages on Core WPF, Business Applications with WPF, and Creating Documents with WPF. And because you’re getting it from, all 3 major ebook formats (PDF, ePub, Kindle) are included in the download. So don’t wait, download it, use it, share it.

Here’s a quick look at the details of what this covers:

Core WPF

  • Understanding WPF
  • Shapes
  • Geometry
  • Transformation
  • Brushes
  • Controls
  • Layout
  • Styles and Resources
  • Triggers
  • Templates
  • Animations
  • Visual State Manager
  • 3-D
  • Summary

Business Applications with WPF

  • Introduction
  • Menu and Ribbon Controls
  • Commanding
  • Data Binding
  • TreeView
  • DataGrid
  • Summary

Creating Documents with WPF

  • Introduction
  • Text Elements
  • Flow Documents
  • Fixed Documents
  • XPS Documents
  • Printing
  • Summary

We think you’ll find this to be a great resource for the current WPF in .NET. By the way, if you’ve already purchased our book “Professional C# 2012 and .NET 4.5” this WPF book will look familiar because it’s the same as chapters 35-37 in the C# book. Both the larger C# book and this focused free WPF e-book are written by Christian Nagel, Jay Glynn, and Morgan Skinner (with contributions to prior editions from Bill Evjen and Karli Watson).

CHRISTIAN NAGEL is a Microsoft Regional Director and Microsoft MVP, an associate of thinktecture, and founder of CN innovation. A software architect and developer, he offers training and consulting on how to develop solutions using the Microsoft platform. He draws on more than 25 years of software development experience. Christian started his computing career with PDP 11 and VAX/VMS systems, covering a variety of languages and platforms. Since 2000, when .NET was just a technology preview, he has been working with various .NET technologies to build .NET solutions. Currently, he mainly coaches the development of Windows Store apps accessing Windows Azure services. With his profound knowledge of Microsoft technologies, he has written numerous books, and is certified as a Microsoft Certified Trainer and Professional Developer. Christian speaks at international conferences such as TechEd, Basta!, and TechDays, and he founded INETA Europe to support .NET user groups. You can contact Christian via his websites, and, and follow his tweets at @christiannagel.

JAY GLYNN started writing software more than 20 years ago, writing applications for the PICK operating system using PICK basic. Since then, he has created software using Paradox PAL and Object PAL, Delphi, VBA, Visual Basic, C, Java, and of course C#. He currently works for UL PureSafety as a senior software engineer writing web-based software.

MORGAN SKINNER began his computing career at a young age on the Sinclair ZX80 at school, where he was underwhelmed by some code a teacher had written and so began programming in assembly language. Since then he has used a wide variety of languages and platforms, including VAX Macro Assembler, Pascal, Modula2, Smalltalk, X86 assembly language, PowerBuilder, C/C++, VB, and currently C#. He’s been programming in .NET since the PDC release in 2000, and liked it so much he joined Microsoft in 2001. He’s now an independent consultant.




14 responses to “Free Wrox Ebook Professional WPF with C# and .NET 4.5”

  1. mpumz says:

    Where is the book. the link is dead

  2. Mike says:

    Hi Jim. Just tried clicking the link for the free e-book but it doesn’t seem to work. Could you check it please? Thanks.

  3. Jesse says:

    The download link says page cannot be displayed. Is the free eBook still available? Thanks!

  4. jminatel says:

    Sorry about the dead link. It got killed in a migration. Working on getting it restored quickly as soon as we get file size limits fixed too.

  5. jminatel says:

    Link is fixed, sorry again for the inconvenience while it was unavailable.

  6. Jesse says:

    Thank you 🙂

  7. Thanks this is a very good resource to learn.

  8. Hop Gentry says:

    I recently downloaded this e-book and, I found many useful techniques about .net 4.5 and many more interesting features of C#.

  9. neelam ojha says:

    this e-book is a great resource to learn. thanks.

  10. haniful hassan says:

    i need some efficient tutioral about c# and wpf if anyone have plz send me.

  11. Amarjith says:

    Thanks, Wrox!!! Very good book

  12. vishnu says:

    There is one fundamental problem with this book. Like all other books, this also follows a structure which suits best for reference by people who already know stuff.

    Do you expect a person to start coding after finish reading this book?. If you want people to learn along with this book’s progress, write in that way.

    This style of writing doesn’t help as people prefer internet for reference nowadays.

    • jminatel says:

      This definitely isn’t intended to be a book to start coding after reading. As a “Professional” book it’s written for people with some programming experience. I’d definitely recommend you buy and read this book first:
      Beginning Visual C# 2012 Programming
      Karli Watson, Jacob Vibe Hammer, Jon D. Reid, Morgan Skinner, Daniel Kemper, Christian Nagel
      ISBN: 978-1-118-31441-8
      before attempting the more advanced WPF book or any other “Professional” level Wrox C#/.NET book.

  13. Great book, and can’t beat the price 🙂 Thank you Jim!

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