Select Wiley Ebooks on – Security, UX/UI, and More

Because Wrox is part of Wiley, we have access to a wealth of great books outside of Wrox. Thanks to that, we’ve now added a handful of Wiley ebooks to These are carefully handpicked classics – or soon to be classics, that we think have specific relevence to Wrox programmers. The books are all listed in the new "Editor’s Picks" section of the bookstore and include security classics from Bruce Schneier and Kevin Mitnick, Alan Cooper’s essential About Face, and newer soon-to-be-standards on data visualization (Visualize This by Nathan Yau) and design patterns (Android Design Patterns by Greg Nudelman). We think there are key topics that a good programmer needs to be conversant in outside of specific languages, tools, and methodologies and these books help fill in the well-rounded programming education.

And of course since they are ebooks on, all of the books are DRM-free and include 3-formats (PDF, ePub, Kindle) to support your choice on how to read.

Watch for us to occasionally add other selected Wiley books or if you have requests on what you’d like to see here, tell us and we’ll see if we can do it.



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