Free Training Trial – Windows 8 App Development with C# & XAML from InnerWorkings

Update April 14, 2014: Unfortunately, the InnerWorkings product, trial, and bundles with Wrox books are no longer available as described here.

I recently showed you my fun going through a lesson of the InnerWorkings Windows 8 training complete with the InnerWorkings Code Judging engine pointing out my errors in Visual Studio and me trying over and over until I successfully coded the application and passed.

InnerWorkings Windows 8 Application Development TrialNow here’s your chance to try a few hours of this training completely free. Sign up for the free trial of Windows 8 App Development with C# & XAML and you’ll be able to install and complete some of this hands on training. You’ll write code in Visual Studio and get immediate feedback to see what you are doing correctly and what you need to fix.

Keep in mind, because you’re doing Windows 8 App development you will need to install this on a machine with both Windows 8 and Visual Studio 2012 (Visual Studio Express for Windows 8 will work).

If you think this is great training, we hope you’ll buy the Wrox book and training bundle hereĀ or you can buy just the training from InnerWorkings. We’ve actually worked out such a good deal with InnerWorkings for you though that if you buy the book and training together from us, you’ll pay less than for the training by itself.

And, let us know how you like the training. We’d love comments with how long this takes you to complete and how many attempts you make to pass!



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  1. Udit Handa says:

    Thanks for your valuable information to share with us regarding Windows 8 App Development. Really it is a great step.

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