Reports of Java’s Death Are Premature

Here’s a great editorial by Dr. Dobb’s Editor-in-Chief Andrew Binstock making a strong case that Java is far from dying and is actually on an upswing again.

“But when it comes to Java being in some kind of long-term decline, I see little supporting evidence.”

I’m in total agreement with Andrew here. All of the data I see supports the fact that Java usage is as strong as ever.

What I do think could be happening though is that there are a large number of new developers who didn’t come up through a traditional computer science program, who haven’t worked on legacy enterprise or government applications, and who have discovered a passion for some other languages. Any of those backgrounds or perspectives could lead people away from seeing the behemoth that Java is.

And I think the most compelling argument and proof that Java is healthy and here to stay is in the hiring trends. I think Dice’s data here is the most reliable and their 2013 survey of 1000+ hiring managers says Java/J2EE is the number one hiring priority. There are definitely other sources that will show faster percentage growth of hiring in some languages that are starting with fewer active developers but Dice’s data would seem to say, if you want a developer job, being good at Java is a great idea.



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