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Announcing VirtualDNUG

Virtual user groups continues to grow in popularity. MS dev teams have held live online chats for ages and both Second Life and ReactionGrid have hosted virtual user group spaces for a while now as well. Last year, .NET developers on LinkedIn started LIDNUG, an online user group that such luminaries as Scott Guthrie have […]


ASP.NET Videos from PDC 2009 (and a few more)

PDC09 is over and now the real work begins as we all take up ASP.NET 4.0, try and do what we saw in the sessions and cry when it doesn’t build. They try again… For those of us who didn’t get to Los Angeles but want at least some of that experience, all the session […]


Enter The AsyncFileUpload Control

The new build of the Ajax Control Toolkit released at the end of September included its first crack at an AJAX-enabled file upload control. So let’s have a look and see what we do and don’t get in this version of the AsyncFileUpload (AFU) control. The Barest Minimum Up first then, let’s have a look […]