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Managed Add-In Framework

Chapter 50: Managed Add-In Framework What’s In This Chapter? Architecture of the Managed Add-In Framework Defining a Contract Implementing a Pipeline Creating Add-Ins Hosting Add-Ins This chapter describes in detail the Managed Add-In Framework (MAF) architecture and how to create add-ins and host add-ins using MAF. You can read about the architecture of MAF and […]


Visual Studio Tools for Office

Chapter 49: Visual Studio Tools for Office What’s In This Chapter? What types of projects you can create with VSTO and what capabilities you can include in these projects Fundamental techniques that apply to all types of VSTO solutions Using host items and host controls Building VSTO solutions with a custom UI Visual Studio Tools […]


Graphics with GDI+

Chapter 48: Graphics with GDI+ What’s In This Chapter? Principles of drawing Colors and the safety palette Pens and brushes Lines and simple shapes BMP images and other image files Drawing Text Fonts and font families Dealing with printing You will notice that quite a number of chapters in this book deal with user interaction […]