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Identifying the iPhone Safari User Agent

Identifying the User Agent When you are trying to identify the capabilities of the browser requesting your Web site or application, you generally want to avoid detecting the user agent and use object detection instead. However, if you are developing an application designed exclusively for iPhone or need to guarantee the browser being used, user […]


Programming iPhone Alerts

Using the Alert View One of the views that is not listed in the XCode Library is the UIAlertView. The UIAlertView displays an alert view to the user and is usually created during runtime. Hence, to use it you have to create it using code. The UIAlertView is useful for cases in which you have […]


Programming Responses to iPhone Device Rotations

Responding to Device Rotations One of the features that modern mobile devices support is the ability to detect the current orientation— portrait or landscape—of the device. An application can take advantage of this ability to readjust the device’s screen to maximize the use of the new orientation. A good example is Safari on the iPhone. […]