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What is The MVC (Model-View-Controller) Pattern?

The MVC Pattern Model-View-Controller (MVC) has been an important architectural pattern in computer science for many years. Originally named┬áThing–Model–View–Editor in 1979, it was later simplified to┬áModel–View–Controller. It is a powerful and elegant means of separating concerns within an application (for example, separating data access logic from display logic) and applies itself extremely well to web […]


The Community of Readers for Beginning ASP.NET MVC 1.0

As most of you would have already know, Simone Chiaretta and I used to publish a new book for Wiley/Wrox entitled Beginning ASP.NET MVC 1.0 that so far has received a fantastic praise from the technical community. In order to promote our work and stay connected to our readers, we’ve been trying to appear on some websites and […]