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How to Build an Address Book Application in Symfony, CakePHP, and Zend Framework

This chapter will take you through the process of designing and developing your first application: an online address book. This application will be built on top of a simple database, used for storing information about your contacts. Each entry consists of a few fields (first name, last name, address, phone number, e-mail address), and the […]


Beginning PHP from Wrox and lessons learned

It’s been an interesting couple of week for our PHP program. Since Pádraic Brady first posted his "Art of Deception or Publishing PHP6 Books" and we discovered it via Twitter, we’ve been watching the community response, responding ourselves (which Pádraic then covered here), and looking at our future books to make sure we don’t fall […]


Lessons Learned from Beginning PHP 5.3

Earlier this summer Wrox came under a lot of heat from the PHP community for jumping the gun and prematurely releasing some PHP 6.0 books. There was a very articulate blog review pointing out what a bad move this was, given that PHP 6.0 isn’t even in beta. After reading this and having a lot […]