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XMLHttp Requests for Ajax

Excerpt from Professional Ajax By Nicholas C. Zakas When Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 introduced a rudimentary level of XML support, an ActiveX library called MSXML was also introduced. One of the objects provided in this library quickly became very popular: XMLHttp. The XMLHttp object was created to enable developers to initiate HTTP requests from anywhere […]


JavaScript DOM Ranges

Excerpt from Professional JavaScript for Web Developers By Nicholas C. Zakas The DOM is a very exciting set of functionality for web pages, but most of the attention has been drawn by the standard DOM functionality. Many developers are unaware that the DOM has much more to offer than just createElement() and appendChild() ; DOM […]


What Is Ajax?

Excerpt from Beginning Ajax by Chris Ullman Ajax is the catchy term coined by Jesse James Garrett in his 2005 article for "Adaptive Path" called "Ajax: A New Approach to Web Applications," which can still be found at . You should read this article if you haven’t already! Ajax is also an acronym, but […]